Our gathering place, retreat, vacation home, and all around nice place to be with family and friends.
Stones to the left will be the path around the back of the house, and the wood stack will be moved from the front porch to where the extra stones now are.
The stones became a patio with a space for a grill at the end of the porch and maybe a picnic table. The wood fit perfectly along side of the house where it's sheltered and easy to get to.
And the porch is now quite pleasant, especially in the summer as it's northeastern exposure makes it cooler than the deck. It's shady all afternoon. With the wood there the porch was just a walkway. Now it's a living space.
In the great room.
Front door to the right,
pantry/laundry room door to the left.
Bud and Caren's room through the doorway.
Small pictures are "before"
Fire place and TV, and 'cell phone" window seat all overlook the deck and the view.
Bud's office through far doorway, also with deck access.
This is the best place for cell phone reception inside, and a nice place to sit and talk. (and charge your cell phone)
Wonderful 9 foot long table made from an old door.

Most of the furniture in the great room was left. Everything else is new.
Well equiped for more cooking than I'll do...
Laundry/pantry door to left.
Plenty of room, great washer/dryer, recycling area, and shelves for everything.
Bud's office

Almost same layout as BZ/CZ room. Bud made this into an office with wireless internet, fax, printer/scanner, answering machine, TV/music, etc. And full size futon for overflow sleeping.
Open Deck outside office double doors.
Middle of deck is covered but open - in front of great room.
Screened portion has access to BZ/CZ room.

BZ/CZ room great but needs art badly... The chinelle peacock bedspread I got in these mountains in college, and it finally finds a home where it works.
BZ/CZ bath, works well. Walk in closet (opposite sinks) not shown.
Back out the bedroom door and toward the front door...
Entrance foyer to front door. 1/2 bath to right of door
and stairs to guest apt. to right of blue/white rug.
Guest Apartment
Not complete - this is where it stood at the end of our 6 weeks in Brevard that started with closing on the home.
Almost all the furniture is from Ikea.

We made a "U-Haul" run to Atlanta after not finding what we liked at all these area furniture stores. We had to assemble it all - it came in boxes.
It all sat in the garage until the floor was done.
There was dreadful carpet, so we had a new floor put in.
Downstairs computer area. I'll probably use this when no one is in the apartment. This is such a nice room.
The Pomegranate Room

Over looks the deck and hammock.
The Frog Prince Room

Cozy, serene, tucked in the back.
Butler's Pantry and Bathroom
Small, but servicable. "Cooking" will have to be done upstairs. But there is a refrigerator, sink, microwave, coffee maker...
Back out to the living area, go through the double doors to the screened deck.
This turned out really well. We screened it and put a ceiling so when it rains the porch stays dry.
This is a wonderful place to relax in the morning with a cup of coffee, in the afternoon with a book, or in the evening with a glass of wine.
I say it's hard to beat a Pawleys Island hammock, in a screened porch with a view.
So here we are with the rental car ready to take us to the Charlotte Airport.

There is a great need for landscaping when we come back in late June.
But the view from almost every room more than makes up for anything that we could ever do.
This is the afternoon that all these pictures were taken - our last day in mid May.
A few days earlier in the late afternoon.
So soft - almost "asian art" looking...
Down the valley at the end of the Blue Ridge Mountain range you can see the "bad weather" moving toward Atlanta and Augusta, where there were tornadoes and lots of wind. We saw it, but were shielded by the mountains from the really bad winds and rain.
One morning, the clouds just came up the valley, but never got as high as we are...
Sure did look cool.
Another day the "smoke" started rising from the warmer areas (like waterfalls and streams, usually) and every time you looked, it was totally different. So beautiful.
And I didn't even get to sunsets...

I hope we all enjoy it often and that everyone loves it as much as I do.